Anonymous said: what did you think of the screenplay Gambino wrote with his album Because The Internet?


I’ve read it about 5 times. And i got the physical copy last week. It’s beautifully written

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I wanna thank everyone for the patience. For the perseverance. Because what’s going on in ferguson is nothing new. And I don’t think this is a phase. I really do believe that change will come and even if it doesn’t it feels good facing a mirror in front of millions of white faces. Showing the…

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Two years ago we made a fake trailer for a movie we WANTED to make. And TODAY thanks to you guys, the OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER for that movie is here! You did this. Your support and love brought the smart black movie genre back from the dead and into theaters this OCTOBER 17TH!!

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so basically if someone kills you like a damn dog in the street, we’re only supposed to care if you have never done anything wrong in your life?! mainstream media is sickening. 

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i didn’t say “miley cyrus has to dedicate her next album to Black victims of police brutality or she’s racist” i said can you at least have the fucking human decency to tweet one thing but she circumvents even recognizing that ferguson is even happening and then goes out of her way…

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© Nadine Ijewere



© Nadine Ijewere

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i really don’t understand how society will degrade a girl/women for showing off her body but yet when a celebrity does the exact same thing, if not worse, they praise them as “queens”

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How about you fucking try it! You try it! You try writing without listening to nostalgia, ULTRA! It’s very difficult ok!? Nah but really. The writing process is very controlled and yet free. First I undress I try to have nothing on but my briefs, crossing my legs and breathing as I slowly press…

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This update is good, people can finally know who made a post , when other people delete the caption

Imma delete all ur captions

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